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Test automation and Quality assurance are hot topics nowadays, due to a reduced time-2-market and the need to deliver qualitative software.

b.ignited investigates and analyses software tools: freeware, open source and licensed. b.ignited strives to deliver a flexible solution that is easy to set-up, use and maintain.

b.ignited is an IT software company that focuses on test automation and offers solutions to attain that goal.


Our vision is to be the reference in test automation. We guide & support our customers in delivering high quality software.


We offer integrated test automation services, by using cutting edge technology, adapted to the needs of our customers. In return the client gets quality, cost savings and faster time to market.

Why b.ignited?

Quality & Stability

By automating our tests we can perform fast and frequent functional and regression tests.

Better Time To Market

By reducing the manual effort and improving quality validation.

Focused Manual Testing

By automating the mundane testing activities, the focus can be on those tests that are not automated.

Project Integration

Our consultants mix perfectly with project teams to integrate the best possible solution for the customer.

Continuous Integration

Part of continuous integration, and a pre-requisite for continuous deployment & Dev-Ops.

Platform/OS Agnostic

Our open source framework can be installed on multiple OS’s and execute automated tests on mobile devices, web and Windows applications.

ISTQB Certified Consultants

Proves the testing-point-of-view mentality.


Dimitri Jambers

Na mijn studies was ik was klaar voor de arbeidsmarkt. Na een lange zoektocht kreeg ik een aanbieding van de Cronos groep om deel uit te maken van een nieuwe sub-unit die zich ging specialiseren in testautomation.

We organiseren maandelijks een workshop waarbij elke maand een ander onderwerp aanbod komt. Vaak worden deze workshops opgevolgd door een team meeting waar we het reilen en zeilen van de unit bespreken.

Ondanks de grote omvang van Cronos heb je hier een mooi kmo gevoel omdat de unit-manager ook vaak op dezelfde bureau te vinden is als de andere collega’s.


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Artificial Intelligence looks the solution to many problems. It sounds too good to be true. Some problems can rise with AI.


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Regression Test Automation

Mobile Test Automation

Continuous Integration & Development

Performance & Load Testing